New process. New materials. A new transistor era. Everything has changed with ASM Pulsar, the revolutionary tool that delivers high-k by Atomic Layer Deposition in high-volume production.

The introduction of high-k gate dielectrics represents the largest shift in CMOS processing in 50 years. ASM, with its Pulsar ALD tool, was the first to market with this breakthrough technology and the Pulsar is in volume production.

ASM’s Pulsar enables advanced 45 nm and 32 nm integrations through its ALD process that deposits one atomic layer at a time. Implementing
high-k films, such as Hafnium Oxide (HfO2) and Hafnium Silicate (HfSiO), extends transistor gate technology scaling because the high-k materials have a much higher dielectric property than silicon oxide. ASM’s high-k dielectrics process, as delivered by the Pulsar, enables faster and smaller chips ideally suited for high performance servers and advanced products that require low power such as laptops, PDAs and smart-phones.

The Pulsar is actively in production at 45 nm and has been successfully demonstrated for ALD down to the 22 nm node, making it the clear choice for next-generation transistors.

product photo

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